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Sass/ Less Preprocessors

We make use of the CSS preprocessors, besides the source code uses the two well-known CSS preprocessors, which are – Sass, and Less.

One Framework – Every Device

Bootstrap uses a sole code base to effectively, and effortlessly scale your apps as well as website. This can be done for smart phones, as well as desktops.

Fast and Easy

Starting with Bootstrap is a very simple and fast procedure. It consists of built-in predefined CSS that when put to the layouts gets lively and also it is extremely flexible.

Jquery Components

Bootstrap is rich in features, such as – you get numerous CSS, and HTML constituents, and remarkable jQuery plugins. Certain pre-existing components are – Breadcrumbs, Button Groups, Navigation Bar, Labels & Badges, etc.

Fluid Grid-Based Layouts

Bootstrap is made on responsive 12-column components, grids, and layouts. No matter you require a responsive grid or a fixed, it will only require little alterations. Both the fixed and fluid width layouts allow offsetting and nesting of columns.

Simple Integration

Bootstrap can be integrated together with diverse other frameworks and platforms, on both present and novel sites. Moreover, you are able to use the specific Bootstrap elements together with your present CSS.

Extensive list of components

Bootstrap has numerous JavaScript components in the form of jQuery plugins. It compromises jQuery like – Collapse, Scrollspy, Typeahead, Modal, Tooltip, Dropdown, Tab, Popover, and Carousel.

Mobile First Responsive

It is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive layouts and mobile-first web sites with less effort.

HTML5 Powered

Your Bootstrap site will be coded using the latest HTML5 format along with beautiful code structure, clearly noted sections and well commented HTML/ CSS markup.


"I am beyond impressed. Wow! You did an amazing job.
The code is really clean, changing widths is not choppy at all, and what you included/left out on your media queries show a deep level of understanding."

Greg Brooks, Turnkey Agency